What You Need to Know About Skateboard Safety

Skateboarding is an increasingly popular summer sport and is attracting younger and younger crowds.  Safety of our little “Sk8trs” should be a priority.  Tradyo wants to give you some great resources and links that will help you choose the appropriate equipment to keep their heads, elbows and knees protected.

Helmets are a MUST at any age.

The incidence of head trauma including injuries to facial bones and teeth are among the most common when helmets are not worn.  Boarders reach high speeds and are often performing on rough, solid surfaces. Add to that the real possibility of a collision with a vehicle or another inanimate object, like a tree, and this becomes a serious concern. Be sure to obtain a properly fitted helmet designed for the appropriate sport.

The Region of Peel has a quick reference guide for helmets along with which CSA Guidelines apply.

Wrist Guards

Sprains, fractures, and bruises are likely wrist injuries.  Our instinct to break a fall using our hands puts wrists in contact with the ground first in most cases.  Wrist guards mean you won’t have a kid in a cast stuck on the couch for the rest of hte summer!


A pair of gloves can help grip the board and protect little fingers from scrapes and cuts.

Elbow and Knee Guards

Elbows and knees hit the ground next!  While the incidence of fractures may be lower with these body parts than with wrists, these are the parts that get scraped and bruised the most. Make sure pads fit snugly and aren’t sliding off the parts they are supposed to protect.


Skateboarding in flip-flops is not smart. Make sure good shoes with ‘grippy’ rubber are worn.  Not only is this a safer bet, it will improve performance!

General Safety Tips

  • Don’t skateboard at night.
  • Don’t wear headphones if boarding on streets and sidewalks.
  • Know the rules of the road.
  • Skateboard parks are designed for boarding.  Streets aren’t.
  • NEVER grab a moving vehicle!
  • Before sending your little ones off on their boards, make sure they can stop and turn properly.


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