Use Tradyo to Cash in on Holiday Stuff

by Jo on the Go

The holidays are a perfect time to take stock of what you’ve got and trade it in for what you really want – more cash and less clutter.

The holidays are looming and it won’t be long before decorations go up and you start rummaging through your clutter to find the scary Halloween skeletons or Christmas lights. It would be so much easier to get to if you didn’t have to sort through so much stuff.

Stuff. Ugh. We’ve all got some jamming up our basements, storage spaces and closets. Have you ever taken a few moments to evaluate what you’ve got tucked away, and wonder how much potential money is hiding there?

We know, we know. No one actually wants to go through the hassle of the planning a garage sale, or dealing with complex auction bids on eBay or other classified websites. No, thanks. Now there’s an easier way. Sign up with Tradyo, snap a photo, add a description and post it live to buyers in your neighbourhood. Bam! Goodbye, stuff; hello, money!

So now you can sell those classic kid Halloween costumes you’ve got tucked away that were only worn once. Use the money you get to buy more candy for the trick-or-treaters, or, for yourself (because really, who are we kidding?).

Do you have an affinity for Christmas decorations that they are taking over your storage space? Do you have strings of lights still unopened, or boxes of adorable tree decorations that you don’t put up because there’s not enough room to display it all? Maybe you’re sitting on some nearly new toys or other items that you received as gifts but never used. Now is the perfect time to clear out all that holiday paraphernalia and earn some cash for it. Talk about a win-win situation! Use the money to buy a new Christmas tree or get shopping for the names on your gift list.

Let’s talk for a moment about New Year’s and that resolution you have to make your life simple, clean and clutter-free. Wouldn’t it be amazing to face the New Year with a renewed sense of order and organization, as well as having a little more cash in your pocket?

What are you waiting for? Download the Tradyo app and get ready for the holidays!



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