Tradyo now has video listings!

Tradyo now has video!! This is a brand new feature that will change the way people buy and sell their used goods online. This means that sellers posting items will have the ability to take a 15-second video to sell products instead of just featuring photos.

According to Internet Retailer, product videos play a major role in purchase decisions by consumers, citing that 57% of consumers are much more confident in purchasing an item if they’ve watched a video about it, and that they were 144% more likely to add that product to their carts than those who did not view a video. All in all, consumers who view product videos are 85% more likely to purchase than those who do not.*

Video will permit the sellers to show the actual functionality as well as the working order of the goods that they are trying to sell. So, if someone is selling a smart phone, for example, they can easily show that the phone turns on, and that all the functions work – something that cannot be shown in photos. This of course creates more trust and confidence between seller and buyer. It also allows sellers to showcase cool features or even instructional-type videos on how to use a certain item. And for services, video will allow a provider to post demos, present their work, or other types of content that will help sell whatever it is they’re selling.

So go ahead, post an item and try out video for yourself!


*Source: Internet Retailer, 2010 Product Videos

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