The Best DIY Sites for Upcycling Inspiration

In recent years, transforming unwanted items into something new and useful has really become its own art form. Not only is upcycling an earth-friendly practice that is kinder to your bottom line, using “trash” materials to craft “treasure” is super satisfying. Here are some excellent websites to peruse when searching for your next DIY project:

Instructables – Teeming with tutorials for everything from 3D printing, woodworking, and food, Instructables also has a channel entirely dedicated to reuse. Here you will find such projects as how to turn a leather sofa into a handbag, how to use old CDs to make a mosaic backsplash, and how to make a toddler swing from a 5-gallon bucket.

Made By Joel – A site where kids can get their upcycle on, Made By Joel features tons of crafts for youngsters sorted by age. Be sure to check out the posts on making marionettes from wooden doodads and repainting wooden puzzles.

Craft Gawker – Like a news aggregator but for homemade goods, Craft Gawker showcases DIY projects from creative bloggers and connects you to their respective websites. The upcycling gallery is a visually-appealing trove of links to projects like the outdoor planter chandelier and the broom bristle desk caddy.

Upcycle That – Because sometimes sourcing the right DIY project for you is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, Upcycle That makes it easy to connect ideas with materials. While you can always browse through the site for general inspiration, the “use that” category is great when you have glass, fabric, or metal supplies on hand but aren’t sure what to do with it. Alternatively, click on the “make that” menu to see tutorials for furniture, décor, art, storage, and other upcycling types.

Reddit – The social networking news website also has a subreddit just for upcycling enthusiasts!

Make –Spanning numerous project categories, Make’s upcycling section proffers step-by-step tutorials on a goodly range of DIYs for the novice and advanced tinkerer alike. Check it out if you’ve found yourself wanting to convert an old fridge into a wood kiln or make a video arcade machine from an unwanted PC.

Pinterest – The original “catalogue of ideas”, Pinterest is all about discovering and saving images, videos, and articles for later viewing (and DIYing) pleasure. There are all sorts of upcycling boards to explore and follow, so we recommend starting here.

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