1. Colour It

While adult colouring books are still all the rage, kids still have the market cornered. Print out some simple, yet festive colouring pages to half a page size. Let the kids colour to their hearts content. Glue the finished picture onto the front of a folded piece of cardstock – or print the picture directly onto it, and have the kids sign their artwork. Colouring is a quiet, calming activity you can do with your children – which is perfect for before the busy holiday season.

Find downloadable and printable holiday colouring pages here, here, here, and here!


2. All Thumbs

While it can get a bit messy, you can also get your kids involved in card making through finger printing. One cute card idea is a family of reindeer made using the thumb prints of each member of your family. Using brown paint, markers, or ink, coat your thumb in a thin layer and press it into the card stock. After it dries, draw a red nose on each deer using marker and draw on ears and antlers. Write a holiday message on the front, and then have the whole family sign the inside!

Photo Source: Who Needs a Cape whoneedsacape.com

3. Texturize

A few years ago HGTV posted a fun printable Santa card for kids. Two versions of the card are still available for printing here. The sample card shows the Santa with a cotton ball beard and a glittered hat, but really you can use anything to decorate this fun card. Colour it with markers, glue on some pom-poms, sequins, or whatever you have in your craft collection. These also make great Santa letters for the kids to mail.

Photo Source: HGTV

If you’re kids want to mail a letter to Santa this year, here is his address:


Be sure to include your return address so he will know where to send his reply.

Photo Source: Canada Post