More Canadians Enjoying Coffee at Home

Canadians do love their coffee — morning and otherwise.

According to foodservice market research by The NPD Group, a leading global information company, coffee consumption in 2015 — at 2.3 billion servings — was up nearly 10 per cent over 2014 numbers.

Furthermore, we are increasingly enjoying that caffeinated beverage at home.

The research shows that out-of-home servings declined by more than three per cent in 2014 and remained at the same level through 2015. Economic instability combined with increasing popularity of in-home brewing devices, such as single-serving machines, may have something to do with this trend.

“Today’s consumer is savvy. They want quality, convenience and are always looking for ways to spend less,” says Robert Carter, foodservice industry analyst with The NDP Group. “When it comes to convenience, in-home brewing has really become a great way for consumers to achieve the same quality in a more convenient and cost-effective way.”

While the numbers of coffee servings at coffee shops is declining, annual visits to these venues has seen a slight growth of about two per cent, as shop operators respond to the trend, often experimenting with different offerings, including wine, beer and non-coffee alternatives.

Many are also countering the trend by offering take-home coffee for its customers, increasingly in single-serving options.

Coffee Culture, which has built its popularity over the past decade with its comfy décor that encourages patrons to spend time there rather than grab-and-go, is now offering its signature coffee and dark roast blends as single-serve pods. Promoting the move with the slogan “your coffee, your home,” the chain reports that the pods, which work with most Keurig brewing systems, are now available at all Ontario and Manitoba locations.

Coffee Time has introduced single-serving capsules, sold in 12-packs and compatible with Keurig K-Cup Brewers, at its Canadian locations.

And, Williams Fresh Café, is also now offering its Signature Blend, in single serving pods, available at select Williams locations and all ECS Coffee locations, a source for home beverage products.

More fun coffee facts

  • Traditional hot-brewed coffee is the favourite for out-of-home purchases, at 76 per cent of servings across the country;
  • Hot specialty coffee accounts for 14 per cent of these servings and iced specialty coffee for 10 per cent;
  • Over the past five years, hot brewed coffee servings have declined at a rate of one per cent whereas hot specialty coffee servings have grown by four per cent and iced specialty coffee servings have surged by 10 per cent.
  • Boomers are the biggest consumers of hot-brewed coffee while Millennials (generations born between the early ‘80s and turn of the century) reduced their consumption by nine per cent last year.
  • Females consume 65 per cent of all hot specialty coffee servings and 67 per cent of iced specialty coffees.

By Ellen Ashton-Haiste

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