Love the Fall? Here are 14 Ways to Show it

Your usual T-Ho’s double double has been replaced by an extra-hot, no whip, extra cinnamon pumpkin-spiced latte (and you feel weirdly accomplished ordering such a fancy drink). You can always make your own instead with a new or used coffee maker.


You enjoy the familiar crunch of leaves under your feet (and you’re pumped because going out of your way to step on the crunchy ones is basically your favourite game).


You start watching football, not because you’re into sports but just because that’s what happens in fall and you are ALL about that. It’s also a great excuse to purchase a T.V.


You get too excited about using your fireplace for the first time that you forget to clean it so your house fills up with smoke and your roommate says “really? The air conditioning was literally on yesterday”.


You wish you were an age where it was socially acceptable to jump in a pile of leaves (or just go back to the days of blissful ignorance when you didn’t think about how many bugs must be in there).


You remember that your favourite T.V. show starts next week and immediately cancel all your plans for every Wednesday night from now until eternity.


You buy decorative gourds for your desk at work and think about how everything needs to be accessorized with pumpkins or stalks of corn.


You can’t wait to sport your new thick-knit sweater or infinity scarf thinking “no one has ever looked this fashionable. Ever.”


You’re pumped that butternut squash is a thing again.


You pull out your trusty ugg-style boots and swear to never ever leave them again because flats are for suckers and these are basically like mittens for your feet.


You start looking at your pet thinking “yes, you would look cute in a sweater. This must happen”.


You have a sudden urge to go on a hayride or visit a corn maze.


You think about how much you love Christmas but then stop and think “NO! Fall comes first, and fall means melancholy walks through the park and cuddles”.


Someone walks past you in a smart-looking peacoat and you literally can’t even.


By: Jenn Martin

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