Living Room Essentials: Wine Displays to Show Off Your Good Taste

There are so many great reasons why living in the Niagara area is amazing. It’s close to the famous Falls, lots of parks and hiking trails, and of course the abundance of wineries. Niagara’s rich wine country is thanks to the perfect grape growing climate created by the lake and the escarpment. Local vintners make a wide variety of award winning wines, including unique blends and icewines. The area is so famous for winemaking that you can actually study viticulture at Niagara College.

So, with easy access to local wines, you’re going to need a place to display them. Add some wine storage to your dining room / living room area and show off what good taste you have.

White and Sparkling Wine

White wines and Champagne-style sparkling wines are best served cold. If you have guests coming, make sure you have your bottles chilled. Rather than keeping them in the fridge until you’re ready to serve, display the bottles proudly in a stylish ice bucket.

You can also purchase a wine chiller, which is a small bar fridge with a clear glass door so you can see all the bottles. You can purchase one locally at Nickerson Home Appliances in St. Catharines.

Local sparkling wines to try:

Red Wine

For storing and displaying red wines, ice is not needed. You can place the bottles on a decorative wine rack, or when you’re serving it, pour it into a decanter to release the tannins, thus improving the flavour.

If you’re serious about displaying your wines, Enns Cabinetry in St. Catharines, Ontario, can design, build, and install custom wine storage cabinetry for your home. There designs are truly unique, and can be customized to match your home’s décor.

Local red wines to try:


When it comes to displaying your icewine, sometimes the bottles are too pretty to hide in a cupboard. Consider adding a bar cart to your living room so you can serve your guests cocktails before or after dinner. You can also purchase some Riedel Icewine glasses from the boutique at the Inniskillin winery in Niagara.

Local icewines to try:


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