Awesome Holiday Themed Crafts for the Whole Family

With the holidays fast approaching, and the weather getting colder, you might be looking for some festive activities to do indoors with your family. Crafting is an excellent way to pass the time, and you can make some pretty cool stuff!

There are many different craft ideas you can do with (or without) your kids that can be hung on the tree, placed around your home, or wrapped around a special gift this holiday season.

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Nothing makes the family Christmas tree unique like an assortment of handmade ornaments. Your kids will treasure these for years to come, as these will remind them of the special time you had crafting together. Not all ‘kid-made’ ornaments have to be made of Popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners. There are plenty of craft ideas that are kid-friendly, but mommy approved.

From simple ornaments using strips of patterned scrapbooking paper to mini toques made of yarn, you can make some pretty cute ornaments without spending a lot of time or money.

Do you have a family pet? Make some paw print ornaments out of bake-able clay and have the kids paint them. Use cookie cutters to make festive shapes!

If you’d rather use your kids’ hand prints, buy solid coloured Christmas balls, apply white paint to your child’s whole hand, then roll their handprint onto the surface of the decoration. After it dries the kids can turn their fingers into snowmen by drawing on faces, stick arms, and glue on felt scarves. Add some dabs of white to make more snow.

All of these ornaments are cute, easy to do, and will hold special significance to you and your loved ones for years to come.

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In addition to making ornaments for the tree, you and your family can make other décor items that can be placed on a shelf or table, hung on the wall, or displayed in your yard!

If you want to attract winter birds to your yard and have some festive outdoor decorations, use a simple recipe to make birdseed ornaments. You will just need a few simple ingredients, and some birdseed to offer your fine feathered friends a holiday treat.

Another fun outdoor décor idea you can make at home is giant lollypops for your front lawn made using pool noodles, white plastic pipe, colourful duct tape, and clear plastic wrap! Add a fun bow and voila! Instant candyland!

For indoor décor, there are several fun and easy crafts you can make using pinecones. You can make little elves that can sit on a table or desk, or simple mini Christmas trees.

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If you want to personalize your gifts even more this year, try making your own wrapping paper and gift tags! Many of these craft ideas are kid friendly and will look oh-so-adorable under the tree!

Buy a roll of craft paper from a craft store or the post office. This will be the base of your paper. One design idea requires just a brand new No. 2 pencil and a white stamp pad. Tap the end of the eraser onto the inkpad and stamp polka dots on a sheet of craft paper. You can do it neatly in a pattern, or let your kids go wild and create a snowstorm! Tie the gift with a simple, but elegant bow! You can also glue pom-pom balls onto craft paper for a fun and textured look.

For gift tags, there are several simple crafts you can do with your kids that are simple, but cute. Using red and black construction paper, a pop tab, and some silver glitter glue, you can make Santa suit tags for your gifts. They’re super easy to make, and look adorable.

If you have a lot of leftover buttons, especially in holiday colours, you can glue them to plain cut tags and use a fine tipped black pen to draw a string to make them look like ornaments. Stamp or write on them if you wish! You can also make a snowman with white buttons.

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For crafts that are less Christmas, more winter themed, make some easy fun and frosty themed items with your kids. One easy craft includes paint, buttons, and Popsicle sticks (yes, I know what we said above). Paint three sticks any shade of blue or white, glue them together in a star shape (like a snowflake), then glue blue and white buttons to them. Attach some twine and hang!

Another idea that you could do with older kids or teens is make 3D paper snowflakes! This craft involves some careful folding, taping, and stapling – but the end result is stunning!

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By: Allison Webster


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