6 Things You Should Always Buy Used

If you’re buying and selling on Tradyo, you are probably well aware that you can get much more bang for your buck shopping secondhand. Saving anywhere around 50% to 75% off the retail price, many types of previously owned products still have a lot of life left in them. In certain cases it just makes way more sense to buy used, especially when the product depreciates rapidly, will be used only for a short time, and were lightly loved by their first owners. Here are six types of purchases that you should always try to buy not-new:

  1. Cars

Among the worst offenders when it comes to instant depreciation, driving that shiny-new vehicle off the lot reduces its value by 11% on average. After one year of ownership, that number climbs to 25% and in five years, to 63%. Savvy shoppers can use this phenomenon to their advantage by sidestepping the brand-new pricing penalty and shopping used. So you don’t end up purchasing a lemon, check out these used car buying tips.

  1. Furniture

You can easily save thousands of dollars by buying high quality, pre-owned furnishings. And you may even luck out and find items that are antiques, beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces, or furnishings that are made with better materials than the ones manufactured today.

  1. Video Games, Movies, Music

Most things that come in disc format – DVDs, CDs, LPs, etc. – lose value as soon as they become “owned”. When a new title hits the stands, it’s best to exercise a little patience and wait until original buyers are looking to recoup some of their investment.

  1. Tools

Some folks will purchase a set of tools for one project and never use them again. Non-mechanical tools like hammers, wrenches, shovels, hand saws, and screwdrivers were made to take a beating and will last a long, long time.

  1. Hobby Gear

Often, taking up a new hobby is an expensive proposition. A better way to try it out to see if you like it at a reduced initial investment is to shop hobby wares, like musical instruments, sporting gear, and exercise equipment, secondhand.

  1. Kids Clothes, Maternity, Formal Wear

Let’s face it: it’s silly to purchase brand new clothing that will only be worn once or for a few months at a time. Limited-use clothing like wedding gowns and suits, kids clothing and shoes, and maternity clothes are short-term items and are best purchased pre-loved.

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    I have a house full of items in great shape. Many items are nearly new. I'm downsizing and I have a lot for Sale. I am looking forward to trying this site