4 Tips for Making a Tradyo Video Listing

By Lindsay Sheehan

Do you want to increase the amount of views your Tradyo ad receives? Do you want to sell your goods faster? Of course you do!

In addition to crafting a fantastic listing and snapping lots of high quality photos of your wares, you can now include a 15-second video with your Tradyo ad and really showcase the items you’re selling.

Research has shown that product videos lead to increased sales, as 96% of consumers surveyed said that watching a video helps them make a decision to purchase. What’s more, 73% reported that they would be much more likely to purchase an item when it is accompanied by a video that explains what the product is and how it works.

To get the most out of this powerful feature, we’ve collected a few tips to ensure your Tradyo video is a simple yet effective way to engage users and boost your sales.

Choosing a Backdrop

As with capturing images of your items, you will want to keep the scene minimalistic and free of visual distractions. So you don’t have to set up a backdrop twice, the best time to record the video is when you’re taking photos of your goods. Choose a space that is well-lit, clean and uncluttered, and quiet – you don’t want the sounds of a television in the background muddying up your audio!

Setting up the Camera

If you frequently sell your goods on Tradyo, you may wish to invest in a tripod for your smartphone or tablet. The helping hand of a friend or family member can be invaluable as well. Otherwise, you can always create a stand for your camera on the fly – prop up your phone on its side (so it captures the video in landscape mode) on a stack of books, a chair, or better yet – DIY a mini tripod with a couple of binder clips. Also be sure to regularly check in with the camera’s field of view to verify that your product always stays in the frame.

Managing your Time

A 15 second video may seem short, but it’s really more than enough time to display and demonstrate the functionality of your product. Before you hit the record button, do a little planning on what you want to cover in the video. Will you be modeling the item? Describing it? Pointing out all its awesome features? Showing that it is in good working order?

Whether you decide to be a part of the video or stick behind the camera, make sure your video listing stays on point by jotting down a short script of everything you wish to say. While it’s best to keep the video relevant to the object your selling, don’t be afraid to have some fun with it too. Be confident when handling and speaking about your product, show a little personality, and experiment with different angles and video capture settings.

Editing Your Video

Optionally, you can use video editing software to polish up your film, record voice-overs, add background music, and generally enhance the quality of your video with special effects, filters, titles, and transitions. We recommend Splice for Apple and VivaVideo for Android – both of which are free to download.

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