10 Ideas for Personalizing Your Ikea Furniture

Offering modern, functional, and streamlined designs at reasonable prices, it’s no wonder that Ikea furniture is found practically everywhere – in homes, small apartments, student dorms, and even at your dentist’s office.

Because of Ikea’s sheer ubiquitousness, there’s no shortage of supply if you’re looking to buy some of your favourite Swedish retailer’s wares second-hand. But if you want your Ikea goods to stand apart from the ones that rolled off the assembly line, there are plenty of ways to customize it and add your own personal touch.

Put on a Slipcover – An easy way to give your upholstered goods an update is to purchase a removable, washable slipcover. Bemz and Cover Couch are two such online retailers that specialize in custom-made covers for your upholstered Ikea furnishings in a wide variety of patterns, colours, and textures.

Reupholster It – For a more permanent change, recovering your Ikea sofas and chairs isn’t too difficult. Here’s a tutorial on how to reupholster an Ikea Tullsta chair, the principles of which should work well with any couch or fabric-covered seat.

Swap out the Legs – Sometimes just a little change can make a big difference. Pretty Pegs carries Ikea-specific furniture legs for beds, sofas, dressers, and foot stools.

Add Some Decals – Selling “design covers” for Malm chests, Billy bookcases, Lack tables, and more, Mykea offers artistic sticker decals that will make your Ikea furniture really pop.

Paint it – Yes, you can paint your Ikea furniture – here’s how to do it.

Change the Hardware – With 64 different looks, Superfront proffers up a great selection of handles and knobs for doors, drawers, and cabinets made by Ikea.

Decoupage – Crafty types can distinguish their Ikea furnishings from the rest by using a little wallpaper.

Button Tufting – You can add some visual interest to upholstered sofa cushions and headboards by having them button tufted. You can bring it in to a professional or do it yourself.

Attach an Overlay – Sold as kits that can be added to many Ikea furniture designs, O’verlays are lightweight, decorative panels that can be painted and then glued to wooden surfaces, mirrors, and glass.

Hack it – Looking for more inspiration? Ikea Hackers has a wealth of ideas and how-to’s for transforming your hum-drum Ikea furniture into something uniquely fabulous.

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